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Holding Hands Up High

One Plus One Campaign

Men worldwide are less likely to visit doctors for routine check-ups and health screenings compared to women, according to statistics. This reluctance to seek medical attention is often due to the stigma associated with vulnerability, fear of bad news, or not prioritizing health and wellness. This is particularly true for conditions like prostate cancer, which can be deadly if left untreated. The Testing Saves Lives Project recognizes this issue and takes a proactive approach to address it. By providing easy access to blood tests at its One Plus One Campaign pop-up events, we aim to create an environment where men feel comfortable taking a few moments of their time to get tested. This approach makes the process simpler and removes the apprehension often associated with visiting a doctor's office.

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The Simple Yet Powerful Concept

The One Plus One Prostate Cancer Campaign is a simple yet effective initiative. For every man who gets tested for prostate cancer at the pop-up events in the United States, another man in a high-risk community, such as East Africa or the Navajo Nation, receives a free test. This straightforward approach not only encourages men in the USA to get screened, but it also addresses a dire need in other communities where prostate cancer is often detected at advanced stages, leading to high mortality rates.

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How It Works

The campaign follows a two-pronged strategy. Firstly, it supports healthcare organizations, clinics, and medical professionals in Indigenous communities, specifically the Navajo Nation in the United States, and Zambia and Zimbabwe in East Africa through donations. Secondly, it partners with strategic organizations and hosts annual events to raise funds that support a small team of doctors on the ground in multiple locations throughout East Africa.

Free Screening Pop-up Events in the USA

In the United States, we organize free prostate cancer testing campaigns at pop-up events, which are sponsored by our strategic partners. Men are encouraged to participate in these screenings, as they can help detect the disease in its early stages, significantly improving the chances of successful treatment.

Matching Tests in the Navajo Nation and East Africa

For every screening conducted, the campaign coordinates a corresponding free test in the Navajo Nation, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Local healthcare providers collaborate with the campaign to ensure that men in these communities have access to crucial screening services that they might not be able to afford.

Our Impact And Future Goals

The campaign has set ambitious goals for the future, which include expanding its reach to more countries that are facing similar prostate cancer mortality rates. By forming brand partnerships and utilizing the generosity of individuals and organizations, this innovative approach not only removes obstacles to healthcare access but also motivates men to give importance to their health. This fosters a culture of wellness and longevity for themselves and their loved ones.

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