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Q: Is the Testing Saves Lives Project associated with a specific clinic, medical group, or hospital?

A: No, the Testing Saves Lives Project (TSL) is not affiliated with any clinic, medical group, or hospital. It was founded by R. J. Windham, a cancer activist and survivor of prostate cancer. Our objective is to raise funds, offer support to a select group of physicians, implement a multi-language awareness campaign, and provide free screenings and treatment services to regions with the highest fatality rates from this form of cancer

Q: Your plan seems very ambitious. What strategy will you deploy to accomplish your goals?

A: A: Our strategy starts with identifying critical challenges. Initially, we're concentrating on securing funding for prostate cancer education customized to the specific cultural backgrounds of East Africa and the Navajo Nation. Additionally, we'll execute initiatives for testing and treatment among men in these areas.

Q: Are current methods for testing Prostate Cancer Antigen (PSA) considered outdated?

A: While PSA tests have drawbacks and aren't foolproof, we're adapting in areas with high mortality rates by implementing initial strategies. Nonetheless, the TSL Project actively seeks partnerships to pioneer new screening methods, aiming for improved outcomes.

Q: What percentage of my donation goes to the cause?

A: Every dollar donated significantly contributes to our Testing Saves Lives Project, with 71% directly funding our global prostate cancer initiatives.

Q: How do I volunteer for your cause?

A: Volunteers form the backbone of our organization. We invite you to complete our Volunteer Application through this link: Volunteer Application.

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