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At The Testing Saves Project (TSL), we're dedicated to rewriting the story of prostate cancer. We believe in more than just fundraising — we believe in saving lives. Our team is fueled by the conviction that every man, regardless of where he lives or what language he speaks, deserves access to life-saving resources. That's why we're passionately breaking down language barriers, ensuring vital information reaches at-risk communities in their language. We understand that language isn't just a tool for communication — it's a bridge to healthcare. Because when it comes to healthcare, understanding shouldn't be a luxury.

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A Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign (multiple languages)


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Prostate Cancer Recovery Program

Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation Program

Suppose you live in an area of the world with limited resources for a postprostate cancer recovery program; don't worry. Join Physiotherapist extraordinaire Marina Kesler for Part One of a three-part recovery program. Marina combines her thirty years of excellence into these online exercise programs and shares them with the world for free!

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In Phase One of the prostate cancer recovery program you will learn the basics of post-operative recovery exercises. Through this instructional class you can stop, rest, and start again as your the patient are taking the first steps to a better life.

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In Phase Two of the rehabilitation program, Marina takes you to the next level of recovery. Each exercise is designed to maximize your pelvic floor muscles. This series of exercises will also engage the hip adductor muscles to improve continence and erectile function.

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Welcome to the final lesson, Phase Three! This phase will involve lying on your back with your legs on a dynamic surface, introducing balance challenges and further improving pelvic floor muscle endurance. These exercises are the most effective in achieving both continence and erectile ability.

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