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The One For One Prostate Cancer Campaign

is characterized by its simplicity. For every man tested for prostate cancer in the United States, another man in Zimbabwe, Africa receives a free test. This elegant concept not only encourages men in the USA to get screened but also addresses a dire need in Zimbabwe, where prostate cancer is often detected at advanced stages, leading to high mortality rates.

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How It Works

The "One for One Prostate Cancer Campaign" partners with various healthcare organizations, clinics, and medical professionals in both the United States and Zimbabwe. Here's how it operates:

Free Screening Events in the USA: In the United States, the campaign organizes free prostate cancer testing at cultural events. Men are encouraged to participate in these screenings, which can help detect the disease in its early stages, significantly improving the chances of successful treatment.

Matching Tests in Zimbabwe

For each American who undergoes a free prostate cancer screening, the campaign coordinates a corresponding free test in Zimbabwe. This is done in collaboration with local healthcare providers, ensuring that men in Zimbabwe have access to crucial screening services they might otherwise be unable to afford

Impact for our Partners and Future Goals

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The "One for One Prostate Cancer Campaign" aims to make significant strides in the global fight against prostate cancer. As a brand partner, your investment will assist in successfully screeing thousands of men in the United States, helping to catch the disease in its early stages and saving lives. In Zimbabwe, the "One for One Prostate Cancer Campaign" will provide much-needed resources to combat the prostate cancer crisis, offering hope to countless individuals and families.

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