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Better partnerships. Bigger impact


Project Partner

Your brand logo with ours on all of the TSL T-shirts and Hoodies

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Official Partner

Official partner of the TSL Virtual EXPO and FORUM


Flagship Partner

The partnership that has the highest impact and directly funds our lifesaving work

Other Partnership Options

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Limited Edition Watercolor Print Partner - $5,000

The Story Of This Print (Partner logo next to each numbered print)

Nestled in the heart of Africa, Zimbabwe is a country blessed with natural wonders and breathtaking beauty. Two of its many treasures stand out as emblematic symbols of this land's magnificence: the Flame Lily and Victoria Falls. Both hold significant cultural and natural importance, captivating locals and tourists alike. To this end, The TSL Project has created a unique limited edition print to celebrate the lifesaving work of prostate cancer testing and saving the lives of the Sons of the flame lily.


Team Tenacious Partner
- $3,000

During an interview, our founder R. J. Windham was asked to describe himself in one word. He chose "tenacious." Upon hearing this, Dr. Tsikai also identified as tenacious. From that point on, the team became known as "Team Tenacious." All T-shirts for this team will include your brand partner's logo on each sleeve.

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