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According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, Zimbabwe, Africa, has the highest rate of prostate cancer deaths globally ( In this southeastern African country, rich in culture and history, we begin the adventure of saving the lives of the men of Zimbabwe.


The TSL Project is funding through your donations, prostate cancer screenings, advanced testing, diagnosis, and eventual lifesaving procedures for the men of Zimbabwe. Like most countries worldwide, several factors contribute to the high incidence of prostate cancer in Zimbabwe.


One of the primary factors is the lack of awareness and education about the disease among the general population. T

This is not solely in Zimbabwe but a world concern. Many men in countries like Zimbabwe are unaware of the symptoms of prostate cancer and the importance of regular screening and early detection. Our "Team Tenacious" is determined to change this. Another contributing factor is Zimbabwe's limited access to healthcare services, particularly in rural areas. Many men do not have access to prostate cancer screening tests, such as the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, which can help detect prostate cancer early.

This is where you come in; your donation can save a man’s life today!

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